About Us

About Baressco Vineyard

Defined By The Southern Region, Crafted By The Best Winemakers

We are a small family winery adhering to the principles of quality winemaking.

We created Baressco to revolutionize the way people like you discover, buy and enjoy wine. Being wine lovers ourselves, we’re extremely proud to bring you the world’s largest selection, paired with expert guidance and unmatched convenience.

Years of tradition
Hectares of crops
Tons of harvest each year
Bottles of wine per year

What Customers Say

"Someone got this for me when I was pregnant so I would not feel left out of the fun and I loved it. It’s so good! And I had really been missing wine. Now it’s my go to gift for all my friends and sometimes I drink it still just because I love the taste."
Kenry Jack
"I'm a huge California Cabernet fan and this is one of my favorites. Will continue to buy over and over. Amazon Fresh has one of the best prices I have found online and in store for this particular wine."
Victor Marry
"I cant have alcohol due to health reasons.and it's been 20yrs. I absolutely love wine. My friend introduced me to this knowing I used to drink Sutter home white zifendel. I absolutely love it. I was hesitant at first bc it smells like wine. Def didn't disappoint. I am now hooked and will continue to buy."
Kenry Jack
Our Team

Meet Our Winemakers

With easy filter and sort, professional ratings, a robust recommendation engine, the deepest wine and winery content.

Diksha Pai


With more than 4 years of work experience in consulting, Diksha has developed strong analytical and logical reasoning skills, along with gaining.

Atul Kapile


Atul is the uber-cool curious marketing geek who loves puzzles. Nothing else exhilarates him more than finding simple solutions to complex problems. 

Akash Kandhari


Akash has more than 5 years of experience in Information Technology, Sales and Business Development. He is passionate about.


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